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Temperature monitoring

  • We provide solutions for Contactless Thermal Imaging, Temperature Monitoring, Temperature Taking in a fast, highly productive and safe manner to prevent backlogging of visitors.
  • Additional features such as SafeEntry can be customised.
  • Solutions for schools, shops, offices, reception desk to shopping malls are available.
  • Sale & Rental of temperature monitoring systems are available.

Event Photography

Each event are truly unique. Some events are loud, raucous, exciting flurries of activity, while others are more somber and serious. Events often happen quickly, without a second chance to get a photograph of the special moment.

Using the latest digital technology, your event will be captured in photographs that reflect the spirit of the moment, whether it’s a small family luncheon or large corporate gala dinner. Our team of experienced photographers will get your event covered.

Ultra-Speed Instant Print

  • Award winning Ultra-fast printing without guest having to wait endlessly
  • Suitable for small to extremely large events! On-site Continuous Printing with Efficiency up to 10,800 4R photos an hour with experience of up to 20,000 pax events
  • Engaging photographer for both Static Photo Booth or Roving Instant Print
  • Efficient workflow with enterprise grade wireless transfer of photos from photographer to printing station
  • High resolution water-resistant commercial grade prints superimposed with event title and template
  • Your choice of backdrop & fun Singapore props
  • Option to add-on Live Projection into the venue's display screens for more engaging experience

Whatsapp Instant Print

  • Effectively boost your Instagram viewers and followers
  • #YourEvent on Instagram and get photos printed OR
  • WhatsApp to our number and get your photos printed
  • High resolution water-resistant commercial grade prints superimposed with event title and template
  • Variety of printing media to assist you to acheive your social media target. From 4R, 3R to stickers, perforated tear-off coupon media
  •  Customisable booth with your branding

Staff Photos

  • On-site Professional Photo Studio in your premises
  • Engaging photographer, high Resolution camera with studio lightings
  • Live view of photos via PixelStudioLIVE system (Allows moderation by management, HR or adjustments and touch-up as photographer takes photos)
  • Suitable for Linked-In photos, HR Staff photos to marketing collaterals

LIVE Event /Broadcast Video

  • Single to Multi-Camera HD Live Feed
  • Records and Stream your live event across to all popular streaming sites such as YouTube/Facebook
  • Live feed event footage to venue's display screens or separate rooms for more engaging experience
  • Fiber Optic and Wirelessly linked cameras ensures latancy-free streams


  • Since 2013, we've been actively supporting  photographers with our instant print solution
  • Are you an existing photographer, organisers, corporate or marketing agency looking to rent our equipment?
  • Rental and Sales of photo printers, lightings and backdrop
  • Suitable for existing photographers to companies whom wish to DIY photo booth for internal/CSR events