About PixelStudio

PixelStudio provides professional & event coverage services for an event of any size. We lead a team of talented photographers that are highly detailed in doing their job well. Since 2004, we are constantly improving ourselves by providing all-in one solutions which includes instant printing, on-site processing of images, mobile studio (normal & greenscreen) and videography.

True blue high speed Instant Printing for any events – Proven by clients

Started in 2013, we ventured into high speed instant printing solutions for events with a common goal. To provide TRUE BLUE INSTANT PRINTING SERVICES, our reliability and printing speed will WOW any crowd.

Every photographer will be equipped with DSLR camera, paired with enterprise grade wireless transmission equipments and backed by high speed printers. Our very own software allows photographs taken to automatically import, enhance, sharpen and superimpose  an event title instantly. Professional grade printers with genuine media allows vibrant and long lasting 4R prints to be printed within 5 seconds.

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